Mrs. Neeta Sawhney


At Mahraja Agrasen our Endeavour is to help the students to achieve academic excellence. However, this is only one and not the only aim. Today the role of school is not only to impart knowledge that encompasses the prescribed syllabi of the institution but that of the world beyond the classroom.

           The entire academic year remains full of co-curricular activities aimed at flowering of talent and enhancement of creativity in the students. We worked carefully to assemble a diversified calendar of events that fits into the scheduled time frame of the academic year. The aim behind all our co-curricular and academic activities is not only to impart bookish knowledge but to provide the environment for young minds to take wing. In our school we like to empower our children to help them be the best they can be.

            We envisage a value based education with emphasis on moulding the personality of the students to create confident, competent and morally and socially mature individuals who will always be a credit to the society and world they live in. There is an old Chinese adage “ when planning for a year, plant corn; when planning for a decade; plant trees; when planning for life, educate people.” We have dedicated ourselves to translating motto “Education for life” into action. MaharajaAgrasenPublic School prides itself on the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual development of its students.